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Wednesday 16 April 2008

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Open Source Consulting

Open Source Software: Strategic Services

Open source presents opportunities and challenges for companies.

Most IT organisations are focused on commercial software and
are not sure how to most effectively use open source products.

Astidian can help you develop the right strategies for your open source initiatives.

We assist with strategy design, participate in senior management sessions,
and closely oversee Astidian consultants on each engagement.

Typical strategy service engagements include:

Product Selection

There are over 100,000 open source products
available for you to use.

How do you select the right ones?

Astidian can work with you to ensure
you make the right choices.

Astidian's Product Selection service includes:

  • Analysis of requirements – all requirements. Organisations have needs beyond software alone. Training, documentation, and services are all vital.
  • Identification of candidate open source products. Astidian works with you to identify the right open source products to consider for your software infrastructure.
  • Evaluation of products. Using Astidian's industry-standard Open Source Maturity assessment methodology, your potential open source products are evaluated to ensure they meet all your requirements, including the ability to be integrated into your existing IT infrastructure.

Open Source Best Practices

Using open source effectively requires new IT skills and processes.

The informal processes typical of early open source efforts are insufficient when open source begins to play a key role in your infrastructure.

Astidian can help ensure you get the most out of your open source efforts by helping you implement open source best practices.

Astidian's Open source best practices service addresses:


  • Understand the key differences between open source and proprietary software and why they require new processes and skills.
  • earn how to manage open source products to maximise operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Setting up an Open Source Program Office to implement consistent
  • practices throughout the organisation, share organisational learning, and reduce product redundancy


  • Apply the Open Source Maturity Model within your organisation to ensure you make the right open source product choices
  • Identify high-payoff open source opportunities within your organisation.
  • Modify your current project management processes to address the key differences between open source and proprietary software


  • Learn the key differences between software vendors and open source communities
  • Understand open source communities and how to work with them
  • Prepare your organisation to interact and contribute to product communities to raise your open source effectiveness
  • Learn how to work with open source companies and service providers
    to maximise the benefits from your open source implementations

Open Source Organisational Roll-Out

As organisations move beyond their initial experiments with
open source, they recognise the need for a strategic approach
in their open source efforts.

Establishing an open source strategic plan helps ensure you
take full advantage of your opportunities.

Astidian will work with you to:

  • Review your current IT infrastructure and plans to identify high-payoff scenarios using the Astidian ROI Decision Tree.
  • Create an implementation plan to use open source products as part of new IT initiatives.
  • Develop a concrete migration plan to replace existing products within the IT software infrastructure with appropriate open source alternatives.
  • Review IT budget implications of open source use and identify investment opportunities for unused budget.
  • Identify new open source skills required within the organisation employee population and develop training plan.